While you may come here for the music, we would like to make it clear that Live Aid & Band Aid are about dying people !

This means that we urge you not to try to make money with the files shared in the group. This has always been a no-profit project adn we'd hate seing this sold by bootleggers.

As of today, the only way of giving money the Band Aid & Live Aid Trust is International Money Order (not Western Union) payable to the Band Aid Trust

Band Aid Charitable Trust
c/o BDO Stoy Hayward LLP
8 Baker Street

Tel: 020 7893 3340
Fax: 020 7486 5042

Please, do not send cash !

For further details please contact the Trust before donations.

There is no known active online donation possibility, but lot of other charity Trusts are in search for donation . To name but a few :

# Make Poverty History

# International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)

# The Hunger site
Click to make free donations of food to give to feed hungry people while viewing a world hunger map.

# Plan International
A children's organisation working with communities in 48 developing countries to alleviate child poverty. Child sponsorship is our main source of funding.

# Charity Choice
This site will help you find the charity you want to help.

But, this is not all about money. You can also give a bit of your time, and there is surely a local care center that you can help. And all the day to day acts can be charity oriented nowadays, by buying fair trade goods ...



We offer both an MP3 (lossy) and shorten (lossless) version of the complete concert (audio).

If you're not familiar with shorten files and how to uncompress them, please goto [ http://www.dbpoweramp.com/ ] for more details and software.


As the (full) concert is on 17 DVD, the download may take some time.

Note : volume 1 , the australian counterpart "Oz for Afrika" will be re edited because a new source has surfaced. It will be posted a soon a completed. Current Megaupload video folder starts from "Volume 2 Disc 01" up to "Volume 9 Disc 01". They all include artwork except Volume 9 as there will be a second disc of bonus which is not ready yet.


We do not approve of selling copies of any Live Aid sets (audio or video) on this forum, unless it is only for price of blanks and postage.

Keep the music free and pass it on.

Let me clear the fact that Live Aid and Band Aid were events for charity and should not be spoiled. It is important that these sets will NEVER be sold, neither on any on-line auction site or on personal trade lists. This release is a fan release, not a regular official Live Aid / Band Aid release. It was made by fans and only for fans. The makers of these Cds would like to point out that no profit has been made on this recordings. We have not used any part of the official release in that compilation. Remember that Live Aid was a charity concert, in aid of starving people.


Feel free to share and trade.



Bob Dylan "Voices of Freedom" bootleg audio CD (includes rehearsals for the concert)

Queen bootleg videoCD (includes rehearsals for the concert + an interview with Bryan May on the day after the concert)
Note : this is an image of the original CD made with Nero burning software.

Video documentaries :

Live Aid Roxy (interviews for italian music tv show Roxy Bar, with Bob Geldof, Roger Daltrey, Paul Mc Cartney, Johnny Rotten ...)
Note : this is a flash video. You can watch it on your computer with VLC player for example ...

Live Aid "Against All Odds" (25th years after documentary - BBC Horizon)

"I am Bob" (an hilarious short film on Bob Geldof. An absolute must see !).

Note : this is a flash video. You can watch it on your computer with VLC player for example ...

Note : you can also see it online on youtube (with italina subtitles)
part 01 [ www.youtube.com/watch?v=4kjMQNrfS5k ]
part 02 [ www.youtube.com/watch?v=CtsauHv19hw ]

BBC documentary "Live Aid 25 years on" (sorry only on mp3 format ; no lossless available)

Interviews (video) in Philadelphia with Phil Collins ; Lionel Richie ; Dionne Warwick (taken from the very end of the MTV broadcast)

More as they come ...